70 Best Motivation and Inspirational Quotes to Be Successful

As part of the weekend and weeknight, Sunday is a day of relaxation in most Western countries. So, Sunday motivation and Inspirational Quotes can change your life. - Advertisement - Successful people don’t grow...

Ghana needs a visionary chief, not a physical boss

I have been maintaining consistently that a president of the nation is a privilege and most important position, and therefore it will always require...

According to well known non-Muslim perspectives about Muhammad

The incomprehensible resistance of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad , perseverance, thought-awareness, contemplation, development, habits. Decorum, excellent utilization of pleasantness, cherishing battling life, perception abilities,...

15 easy and effective ways to exercise at home

There are 15 easy and effective ways to exercise at home. During this coronavirus pandemic, no substitute for regular exercise to keep the body...

Reasons Why I Never Drink Coffee: Nas Daily

Why I Never Drink Coffee, If this is my most un-mainstream video. I will not be astounded. I experienced childhood in a super espresso...

Warning to Humanity Over Climate Change

I remember how excited I was in 1986, when, for the first time, I was able to use a calculator that was powered by solar...

The National Cathedral

Folks, this write up is on a sensitive issue that has generated a lot of controversy in the last couple of days causing many...

Is Mahama’s Presidential Comeback A Sign Of Greediness Or Patriotism

I shivered and sweated profusely when I read recently that former President Mahama will most likely contest the NDC’s 2024 presidential race, Having served...

Resolving the Medical Negligence Quagmire in Ghana: Some Suggested Solutions

Benjamin T. Antiedu (2021) in his forward in the book “The Law and Naturopathic Medicine Practice in Ghana”, notes that a healthy nation is,...

Rebecca Foundation establishes market crèches to aid female traders

Evidence abounds that children start learning before they are even born and learning continues throughout their lives. It is said that every child learns...

Start Dismantling This Chain Of Entitlement Culture

The last article before this, under similar title, attempted to highlight the colonial remnants of entitlement culture and the need to fix and change...

Did Jesus Return In First Century

IN THE last week's edition, we learnt how many antichrist elements narrow their arguments to a few biblical texts which they do not even...

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